Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's gonna be all 70's cool!

So this morning I rolled up my sleeves, got out the Lime Away, and started working on my newest project.  New in that I'm only just now able to start working on it - it's been sitting there forever.  It's gonna be a big ass terrarium in my dining room!  Apparently terrariums became popular in New England in the Victorian era when it was all the rage to bring the outside in, and to keep exotic specimins.  To me though, they just seem kind of 70's, with their pieces of driftwood and whatnot.  Anyway, mine is gonna be way sweet!  I have a 70 gallon aquarium that has finally been drained - it involved having to siphon the water out, and since we don't have any nifty automatic siphon starter dealy, it meant sucking on a hose and ultimately ending up with a mouthful of fishwater - not my mouth, mind you!  The BF did that part, and that's why it's been sitting there forever - first it was cold and snowy out and we'd have to open a window to feed the hose outside, then once it warmed up, well it still involved mouth siphoning so needless to say, it took a while to get around to feeling like actually doing that!  So anyway, here's the empty and clean-enough-for-my-standards aquarium - seriously, I used Lime Away to clean off the calcium buildup, then Windex to clean off the Lime Away - I wiped on that thing forever and I don't think it's gonna get any better!  I'm going to visit my favorite nursery - North Dayton Garden Center to get some great plants!  Seriously, it's the best place in the world for houseplants (and outside stuff too - but I looove their houseplants).  They grow it all there - it's not just stuff they take off the back of the truck like at Lowe's or something.  You'll get to the end of a jungle-like aisle in the greenhouse sometimes and realize that suddenly you're looking at stuff that isn't really for sale - it's a grizzly bear sized jade plant or cactus and there are bunches of little clay pots, with that old green mossy look, around with baby starts in them.  It's so old and real and not all sterile and clean and picture perfect - the plants are big and they take over the aisleways, and they always have things you've never seen before in your life!  not just perfect little philodendrons from a Better Homes and Gardens page.  Have you ever seen a Hoya blooming?  I didn't even know they did!  they do there!  But since everything there is used to a nice humid greenhouse environment, I sometimes lose the stuff when it gets to my very ungreenhouse-like house.  With a nice warm and humid terrarium though - just think of the possibilities!!  I can't wait.  I'll give you an "after" shot once it's planted!

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Dharma said...

Oh! A new plant place to check out. Very exciting. Probably won't get there for awhile but yeah I have a place to go.