Sunday, June 8, 2008

Like a jungle in my dining room!

My terrarium is fully outfitted now!  Let me tell you - going to a steamy greenhouse on a day when it's already 92F wasn't my best idea ever, but I did get lots of plants!  I nearly bit it once when I hit a slick (moss on the brick pathway, I suspect) spot and did one of those crazy arm windmilly things and said "whooooaaah!"  - I probably could have been a little cooler about it, but it's not really something you plan, and regardless, I don't think anyone was around to laugh at me!  The heat motivated me to not linger too much and therefore I totally forgot that I sort of wanted to look at herbs.  That's ok - I hadn't really planned to spend $33 anyway (especially since the big jug of stupid activated charcoal was $30!) but that's what happened.  Look what I got out of it though!  and from the other angle and a little close up  and another little close up!  oohwee - purty!  I love it!  


hannah said...

That looks so excellent. Now I'm looking around my apartment wondering if/where I could fit a terrarium.

Samantha said...

That looks wonderful! So bright and cheerful. Can't wait to see it in person.

Emily said...

I saw a smaller tank at the Salvation Army the other day and thought, "Hmmmm...." but I've no where to put it so I passed it up but seeing how yours turned out makes me want to make space for one! That's awesome!