Saturday, February 21, 2009

Buttony Goodness

Over the past couple trips to the Treasure Barn, I picked up some mighty swell buttons that I haven't raved about yet.  why?  who knows!  Because they're rave worthy - and on top of that they were super cheap - I think $2 was the highest price per bag.  Here's the collection:

Some pearly ones with shank backs:

 Some really cool ones that look like metal sprinkles to me:

Another bag of metal ones - smaller and slightly more brassy or something:

And some fun yellow ones! :

Seems like I'd best be gettin' to sewing or knitting up something with button holes, eh?  I do have the Amelia cardigan on the needles, and my vest that I was designing for Vestuary (but clearly isn't going to be finished in February since I haven't really picked it up since the beginning of the month!)  

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