Friday, February 27, 2009

The stupidest looking thing I've ever knit!

After a request for a pair of socks from the BF, and some hemming and hawing on my part (mostly debating whether I can take the abuse he'll give them!) I finally gave in - probably because he's been sick half the week and I always get sappy when he's sick!  Well, you know how handknit socks always look insanely long because they aren't half made of elastic like store bought socks?  Imagine knitting a sock for a size 12 foot.  It's ridiculous looking!  I just turned the heel last night and I just keep thinking "this can't possibly be right!"  Add to that the fact that I ribbed the top of the foot - which makes it very drawn in and skinny - and very un-foot-like looking!  I'm not even sure this picture fully conveys the hilarity! I should have put a quarter next to it for reference.  He had his legs propped up on my lap last night, and I talked him into letting me take his sock off to try this one on so I could know when to start the heel - he was screaming "aaa! cold! cold! cold!  you're trying to kill me!" until I put the handknit one on, then he said "aaaaah! luxurious!"  It was so cute.  And luxurious it is not - just Woolease - because it'll be thick and warm (or as warm as something mostly acrylic can be) and can be easily washed - and fast to make (but he doesn't need to know any of that!)  

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Dharma said...

You two sound just too cute.