Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I had to do it!

For the safety of my friends, I had to buy some Malabrigo sock yarn. It seems that people keep showing up with this stuff and I find it infuriating because I don't have any! Like, fists-balled-up sort of infuriating. I may have lashed out with some threats too, I can't quite remember. However, the last person I might have threatened for showing off her new orange malabrigo was Kamile, who may not have been the best person to threaten since she's military and probably knows 50 ways to kill me before I'd even see it coming - and certainly before my hand could get halfway to her sock yarn! Little Knits has it right now for 20% off, which brings it down a little, but of course the shipping cost bumps it back up - in the end, it was about a buck cheaper than the usual price, which is all the incentive I need. Well, that and the feelings of violence when I see other people with it!

I got lettuce:

and Tiziano Red:

And I also grabbed up some of this: How fun is that stuff?

Ahh, I feel better now! :)


cosymakes said...

so lust worthy! on another note, i can't believe you bought 6 skeins!! :D

Dharma said...

OMG I love love love the lettuce and that red makes my heart beat faster!