Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All drunk on Noro

There's nothin' like coming home from work to find 3 parcels all piled up for you on the table!  I mean one parcel is enough to make me giddy!  Today it was the highly anticipated box from Little Knits - Catherine and I went in on an order because she fell prey to the Zuma, like the rest of us, and I fell prey to the Kureyon sock on sale for like 45% off!  I bought 4 balls and tried to add on 3 more via an email to customer service, which thankfully (kinda) didn't "take" - so I didn't end up with 7 balls of Noro, but just my original 4.  I'm totally taking back that "thankfully" part - I must be going through the angry stage of grief right now, because suddenly I'm all pissed that I didn't get more!  Ok, but there IS more - box #2 was some Silk Garden that had been haunting me since I saw it on the Rav destash board!  I successfully held it at bay for about a day and a half, but this Arienne sweater that I faved months ago kept calling to me - it makes me crazy happy and I really really need to make my own!  The fact that this sweater  has such a fantastic chevron stitch pattern and everyone has been making it in solid colored yarn is just incomprehensible to me.  I mean look at this one!  Obviously this Noro was meant for me and my own ziggy zaggy sweater!  It's shades of red, orangeish, and pink - and of course, in Noro fashion, a bit of brown, blue, and greenish thrown in.  I'm so taken with it!  Oh, and now Webs has the nerve to tell me they've got discontinued Noro colorways all discounted!  if any of you buy it all up just because I put in a link, I'll hunt you down!

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