Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Oooh, I can't believe it's almost Thursday already!  I'm at the midpoint of my week of vacation and it's about to tip to the downhill slide back toward work!  I'm just doing a "staycation" which has been pretty great - lots of knitting, waking up without an alarm, puttering in the yard (although today's puttering turned into a knock down-drag out fight between me and an alberta spruce that needed to be moved, but apparently didn't want to be!  I won, by the way.  Assuming it lives - I guess if I messed up too many roots, and it dies, it wins, in a weird kind of way.)  Anyway, my mom came up to visit on Tuesday (she drove all by herself to "the big city" and didn't get lost- I'm so proud of her!) and we went to the Antique Barn, two thrift stores, and a little antique consignment shop just outside my neighborhood - she was inexhaustable!  It was a fun time, and I learned a few things - namely that I'm doing to her exactly what she always does to me - remembering things from 10 or 15 years ago and assuming that nothing has changed.  In my case it's that she talks about knowing how much I hate pink and won't eat oranges - both of which were highschool things that just don't apply anymore.  In her case, I still assume she wants her sweaters to all be off-white and hit her right at the waist.  Well apparently, like with me, things change - she's 58 now and feels like she's got little lovehandles (she's tiny tiny and totally doesn't, but I know you can't convince people of things like that) and even though she tried on the cutest little red cardigan that fit her exactly the way I thought she wanted a sweater to fit, and it looked great, she said "oh, it's just too short."  Whaaat?  And she said that she thinks she ought to wear more color.  Whaaat?  So I guess my issues with picking knitting projects for her are wrought with more confusion than I previously thought!  Hopefully the shell I'm making for her won't seem too fitted for her taste (although it's sleeveless, so I know there will be a cardigan tossed on over it.)  And I know it's designed to be a bit long, so I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore either!  Heck, maybe I should dye the thing when I'm done with it!  

Oh, and by the way, Amelia's sleeves are finally joined with the body, and I've cast on for Anemore mitt #2!  

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Dharma said...

You and your mom sound cute together.