Friday, April 10, 2009

What 29 cents will get ya these days

Only the best legwarmers EVER!  My friends from Columbus came down again last weekend and we went eating and thrifting, as we are wont to do.  I picked up these faire aisle legwarmers, got laughed at by them, and plunked down 29 cents to make them mine.  Yeah, 29 cents.  who prices this stuff?  I think they pretty much kick ass, and the BF said I look adorable today, so blleeeaah!

In knitting news, I got my Gabriella pattern in the mail earlier this week and started it (as you'll recall, this is plan B for my mother's day present.)  I feel like I started the darn thing about 3 times!  First of all, you have to cast on 188 stitches - it's easy to doubt yourself when counting that many stitches - so I counted and recounted, then did a couple rows, then decided that I probably should have cast on with a bit bigger needle so that the bottom of the sweater didn't feel tight.  So I ripped it out and cast on again, then forgot to put in the stitch markers, which meant that my ribbing was off, so I had to tink back.  Sheesh - finally I'm on track and have about an inch or so done.  Yeah!  It's going to be beautiful.  The pattern was written for Lorna's Laces Pearl, which is quite pricey (it is silk and bamboo, and hand dyed, so I'd expect as much) and I chose this pattern because it fit the bill for looking good on my mom, and because the Frog Tree cotton/silk blend that I already had for her would easily transfer.  The designer's project is the only one up on Ravelry, so while I'd love to add another in the yarn it was designed for, I just can't.  I never feel bad about subbing yarns, but I think because I've PM'd both the designer and the Lorna's Laces rep when trying to track the pattern down, I feel closer to it - like they're frowning on me!  

I needed a second pair of size 7 dpns for my Amelia cardigan so I went to The Yarn and Needle in Centerville this morning, because I was down that way.  I'm mentioning this, not because I want flack from you Emily for my ever increasing stash problem ;), but because I've heard so many bad reviews about this LYS, and I wanted to put in a positive shout out for them.  I've even talked badly of them in the past because of their not always friendly staff.  But I've got to say that the last two times I've been there, it's been just fantastic!  Today an older, very stylish looking lady with short gray hair was working - I didn't catch her name, but I know it wasn't the owner (who, I believe is the one who people have problems with.)  She was super sweet and so helpful and just all around friendly.  I mean it was really really great.  So don't be all down on the Yarn and Needle! That's my 2 cents.


Ginny said...

Y&N is close to my house and right around the corner from where I get my hair done, a good review is music to my ears.

hannah said...

Those legwarmers are indeed adorable, and you can't beat that price! As I was reading, I thought you were going to tell us that they were sweater sleeves. Now I want to make some sweater sleeve (or sweater sleeve-looking) legwarmers.

Anonymous said...

Love the legwarmers! I agree with the bf :o)