Monday, May 11, 2009

Look what else I dun maked!

I got an 8 dent reed for my loom a few months ago - so that I could use worsted weight yarn instead of just fingering like with my 12 dent reed.  So what do I do for my first project?  Use fingering weight! 

 I got a bunch of Noro sock yarn and thought it'd look amazing woven, so I had to do it.  

I love the fact that with the 8 dent I can make an airier fabric - and I warped it so that there were skipped spots to make it almost like dropped stitches in knitting.  

I love it!  I soaked it after I was done and the Kureyon did soften up quite a bit.  Then I put on fringed and used my new fringe twister to twist it up!  geesh - that took nearly as long as weaving the damn thing!  


Cassiemarie said...

Looks great!! I love airy scarves as well. :)

Emily said...

I. Love. This. Scarf.

Dharma said...