Monday, May 11, 2009

Me and Amelia - besties!

"Besties" - what a ridiculous word.  thanks Mylie.  But honestly, it's how much I love my newly finished Amelia cardigan!  

Blocked and buttons sewn on - finally!  It really couldn't fit better if it tried.  Perhaps my best fitting garment ever.  I love it, I love it, I love it!  The only mod I made was to put button holes all the way down the front, instead of just the ones at the top. 

 I had less yarn in my stash than the pattern called for, but I ended up with half a skein, or more, left over - I knew it'd be ok!!  

I spent Saturday with my mother because there was an auction that she wanted to go to, and she's only been to one other auction before - meaning that she's still freaked out about trying to bid on anything, and also freaked out that she'll accidentally bid on something without meaning to.  Since I was going to go on Sunday anyway, we figured we could have a girl's day on Saturday instead - we went to the auction (where I picked up a couple Pyrex bowls, natch, and a Hall casserole dish), then to a garage sale that we passed on the way, then to her favorite thrift shop. It was a fantastic day - great weather, fun times all around!  She went bonkers over her terrarium, and the crock, and I told her the story of her knit-gift that never was.  She seemed to really like the idea of the flutter sleeve cardigan, so maybe I'll  have to take some serious measurements on her and try again for another holiday!  


Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful!! perfect.

Dharma said...

Yeah! You finished Amelia. Fabulous color on you.