Saturday, May 23, 2009

radishes radishes everywhere!

What do you do if you have tons of radishes (and if you've planted radishes, it's a pretty sure bet that you've got tons of them right about now) and the only thing you know to do with them is to put them on salads?  (which by the way, uses radishes at that rate of about 1 per day! not exactly acceptable when you have 4 rows of them!)  First you ask your friend Jen, who, from past experience, you know will make something up if she doesn't know, and convince you that she knows what she's talking about even though she's totally pulling it out of her ass!  Well, said friend did come through with some suggestions that were actually based on experience (like a potato salad with radishes and green olives - oh sounds great!)  Then I looked up "radishes" on RecipeSource and got tons more!  Even cooked dishes - like radishes, peas, and carrots with a lemon butter sauce.  I didn't think you could cook radishes, but apparently so.  I decided to go with a green bean and radish salad - it's kind of like your basic marinated veggie salad with a dressing of balsamic, olive oil, dijon mustard, and garlic.  I think it's going to be swell - and I used up a mess of radishes!  

The other thing that I have even more of than radishes is sock yarn, and sticking to my plan of having a pair of socks on the needles at all times, I cast on yesterday for a pair of Herringbone Rib socks, from Interweave, using my Knit Picks Imagination.  This will be the last you ever see of them:

Why?  because I flubbed up the herringbone pattern (it's pretty obvious in person - like when you flub up the stitch pattern on the My So Called Scarf - the rows just don't line up and you have weird columns of holes) and also because I just don't think this yarn wants to be socks.  It's got alpaca in it which makes it a bit fuzzy and I think that loveliness will be hidden in socks, will blur this stitch pattern, and might possibly look better at a looser gauge.  I'm thinking either a chevron scarf, or maybe legwarmers.  Of course I also have to find a stitch pattern that will work with the variegated colors, which always gives me problems (and that's why I used a pattern from the Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarns book!)  Ooh - what about legwarmers using a chevron stitch pattern - like Jaywalker legwarmers?  or a chevron stitch beret?  Is there anything a chevron can't do?  


Anonymous said...

you forgot the bit where i suggested you chuck them at your neighbors if they get unruley...

~besos! jen

Dharma said...

Um, maybe if you ever finish your *other* legwarmers you *might* make another pair.