Saturday, February 6, 2010

I could if I wanted to!

...hit the road and take my embroidery with me, that is! I made this little case for my embroidery stuff after Catherine and I met at a coffee shop to stitch a few months back.

She has the cutest little vintage celluloid case for her stuff and I decided that I needed something too. After looking at a bunch of sewing boxes on eBay and keeping my eyes peeled at junk stores and antique marts, I decided that I'd just make my own! I embroidered the top then used some of the double sided mama jama interfacing (I forget what it's called, but it's super thick and made to stiffen stuff like this!) to give it some body and to attach some lining fabric to the inside. Then I cut sides and sewed in a zipper so it can unzip all around 3 sides and open up kind of like a book!

Now I just have to make a little pincushion-y spot where the needles can live (yes, i could just toss in a pack of needles, but i've come this far!) and make a little pouch for threaders and whatnot! Ok, so I've only taken my embroidery on the road once in my life, but by gum, that's enough to warrant a cute box! Oh, and for any of you not living in Ohio - this is what my back yard looked like this morning! I only took pictures because i'm kind of obsessed with getting one on the Channel 7 news! i don't really know why.

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Catherine said...

Dang! That's the cutest sewing box evah - I love it! We must get together and embroider more things soon! :-)