Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm a makin' fool!

The weekend is officially a success! I took Friday off work because I wanted to do some sewing and it was like a fantastic adult snow day! When the bad weather started coming, I didn't care because I didn't have to drive anywhere. I got my embroidery box finished and also a denim skirt that I'd been working on! Then this morning I finished up this:

It's a woodsman shirt for my uncle. He brought the pattern and the fabric to me because he bought it years and years ago and he thought he'd make it (I've never known him to sew, but I'm sure he could if he wanted to.) I told him that I'd do it for him. The only part left to do is the buttons but he's making some out of antler (he had antler buttons that he bought for the shirt way back when, but he's a very obsessive detail kind of guy and decided that he wanted some that were slightly more domed on the top and polished - and 4 holes instead of 2, with the holes countersunk... very detail-y!) I've been sitting on the stuff for about a month or so and decided that I'd better do some work on it, then bam! it was finished! well, except for button holes, but that's nothing and I have to wait to see the size of the buttons anyway. I'm not exactly sure why he wants an authentic woodsman shirt - but he's my favorite uncle, so it doesn't matter! now, I can get on to the quilt for my next nephew!

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Catherine said...

Maybe he's taking up the re-enactment biz! Great job on the shirt; can't wait to see your uncles handmade buttons - that's awesome!