Saturday, June 26, 2010

driven to madness

This is what fabric shops do to me:

Catherine and I went to the Fabric Shack in Waynesville today - she had a plan of what she was going after, I bought with wild abandon. See evidence above. It was so much fun though!! I got 1/2 yards of most stuff, which made me feel like I was being thrifty (seriously?) but got a yard of the two flannels to make covers for the bed pillows. Oh, also the big roll of fabric was a ton of remnants that were only 2.98/yard - a couple bits were as much as a yard, but most were smaller - and I can't resist small bits! I think I better make some plans and have something cool to show for all this! In closing, I'm on a serious fabric diet now.


Catherine said...

Yet, somehow (even with a plan) I managed to buy (mumble)dollars of fabric - how did that happen? It was you wasn't it?! You broke down my feeble powers of resistance with your abandon!

Emily said...

Ha, that box really does say Striptease! Love that adorable bunny fabric!