Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy birthday, Mother!

Today is my mom's birthday so I took a day off work yesterday (too much going on at work today - and what's wrong with a day early? it's her birthday eve!) and invited her up to Dayton for a birthday fun day! We took her to one of the antique malls in Springfield because she loves that kind of stuff - she's after stuff a bit different than I am, but it works out because there's such a terrific mix there. Let me tell you, she's a serious looker - like no scanning ability - she has to look at each and every thing! whew - it was a long trip through one mall! but she came out with some stuff and was delighted! I got some stuff too:

The fabric in the back is some heavy weight cotton that I've eyed a few times in the past and finally broke down and got. The yellow in the corner is a scarf - which I need like I need a hole in my head, but it's yellow and a scarf! how could I not get it? We've been looking for some glasses because we've mysteriously been losing our drinking glasses. Neither of us remember breaking any - except for our most beloved Georges Briard glasses which we've never ever been able to find again. The two glasses on the right are both Georges Briard designs too, but not the ones we've been breaking. Still cool. Frosted glasses were quite the rage back in the day. The other is one in a series of The Wonderful World of Ohio glasses - there were bunches of WWoOH things from a campaign back in the 60's!

My mom found this little refrigerator dish in a thrift store and snatched it up for me - only 99 cents!!

After the antiquing I took her to the North Dayton Garden center because she loves that place. She got a succulent that she's been wanting and I got these three little houseplants, which I repotted and put in my sewing room. One is a purple shamrock! Now the trick will be remembering to water them in there!


Catherine said...

What a fun day! And what cool stuff you found :-)

emilynye said...

you know, shamrocks are irish, pruple or not. just saying. there's hope for you yet-- this year, shamrock; next year, celtic festival!