Saturday, August 14, 2010

prize fighting turtle?

This year I'm all about winning fame and glory at the Montgomery County fair. I missed last year's entry deadline by days and this year I'm on it! I mailed in my form today and entered in 7 categories! Just think - I could win as much as $28!! haha! I entered in the following categories: adult sweater (unfortunately, the sweater I'd most like to enter - the honeycomb cardigan, can't go because it's a test knit that still hasn't been released - drat!), accessories (I'm going to enter my bird in hand mittens), other (my plan there is to enter my Wollmeise Ishbel - hopefully they don't say that's an accessory), crochet animal (I think I'll send my little amigurumi lamb), knitted doll - cartoon (go Bender!), and sewn animal. Hmm, that's 6. I can't remember the other category! Anyway, last night I made this guy for the sewn animal category - it's another turtle!

I sort of thought that the squirrel, like I made for Emily, may be a better prize winning contender, but it was so much more involved and I just wasn't sure I was up to it. So we'll see how this guy does. Regardless of how well he holds his own in the battle, he was fun to make!


Catherine said...

Wow Chris, you're my hero! 7 categories?! Now I will have to go to the fair ;-0

Love the turtle!

Emily said...

Good luck good luck good luck! When is the fair?

P.S. That turtle is a shoo in!