Sunday, August 22, 2010

old school

I think it was a combination of those snappy Kindle commercials and the BF saying "do you think you'd like a Kindle for Christmas?" that made me start wanting one sometime last year - before that I didn't even think twice about it. But then I was obsessed with trying to justify the price and thinking about when it'd be convenient and all that. Yesterday, however, we went to Xenia to check out an antique shop and also stop at a used book store that we saw last time we were there, and I might have lost my obsession. I'd just finished a book so I was in the market for another and I hate to pay retail for fiction which I really don't ever read more than once. I ended up with a huge stack of books for next to nothing and had such a great time.

I picked up this hardback from the '50s (Anatomy of a Murder) and I flipped it open then closed it - "kwop!" - oh that sound! I reminded me of why books are so great! sure, you have to go somewhere to get them, and find a way to balance them when you're reading in bed, then deal with stuffed bookshelves - all stuff that the Kindle would eliminate, but there's just something about books and bookstores and interesting bookstore owners and cats that live at bookstores and sleep in boxes on the counter (of course this bookstore in Xenia had a sweet black cat!) that you just can't get with an e-reader. I don't think I want to lose that! Oh, the fabric under those books is a vintage tablecloth that I picked up for $6! I'll totally cut it up and frame those green roses in some kind of patchworky project!

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Catherine said...

Ack! That's exactly why I keep putting off getting a Kindle! I'm been on the fence about it since I saw one...

Love the tablecloth!