Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new start

It seems kind of silly that we pick Jan 1 as some kind of fresh start for our lives and make resolutions, but I guess it's better than never picking a day to make goals! (and I realize that every year I comment on how goofy resolutions are, but I always make them anyway because I really do like it - probably because it's a form of list making!) I looked back at my resolutions for last year and I guess I got a score of about 50% - not great, but better than 0% and honestly nothing is too earth shattering if I don't make my goal! So here's my list for this year:

-Make a pair of Julia Mueller gloves (I've been wanting to do this forever, and I know it's not much of a resolution, but maybe I'll do it if I say it out loud!)
-I think I'll do the 11 in 2011 glove/mitten challenge. I have a ton of them in my queue. I think I'm going to add something to it and say that at least 5 pairs will be for a charity because that's another thing I keep saying I'll do, but don't.
-This spring and summer I'm going to spend more time on the yard. I really let it go to hell last year because I was kind of lazy and whiny. It was hot. I got sick of mosquito bites. it got out of hand and then I was overwhelmed. There were things I'd rather be doing inside like sewing and knitting. sheesh. This year my mantra is going to be "you will not die if you aren't making a quilt or sweater in July!" I need to learn to not get so obsessed with one thing - it's ok to have different things to do in different seasons. If I'm honest with myself I think part of it is also that knitting and sewing are way less physically demanding than working in the yard, so if I stick to this resolution maybe my gut AND my flower beds will thank me!
-Better photography in my blog. I don't know if I just don't really take enough time to get decent pictures, or if I kinda suck and don't know what I'm doing, but I'm going to see what happens if I focus a little more on the things I know work for better pictures - good lighting, better focus, etc. I got one of those bendy camera tripods for Christmas so I'm hoping that'll help me get fewer pictures that are shaky! we'll see!
-save $5k this year. I moved some money around on my direct deposits and if I can keep my mitts off my savings account, it'll work! again, we'll see!

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emilynye said...

oooh, I can help with that last one!!! I won't tempt you with good yarn... although I'm not making resolutions, other than buying some yarn I promised to buy and yarn for cadi's cardigan, I'm certainly not buying any for quite some time...