Sunday, January 23, 2011


I feel like I rarely post about knitting anymore and I think it's because when I post projects on Ravelry, most of the people who read this blog, probably already saw it there. A bunch of quilting bloggers started this "process pledge" where they're trying to post more about projects as they're going - not just finished stuff with a blurb about it. I think that's a good one for knitting too - and it's the stuff that I tend to not post on my Ravelry projects page, even though I should. Oh, I'm also going to try to get better about linking blog posts to my projects because I always forget to do that!

So my first process-ish post is about a pair of mittens that I started.

They're the Anatolian mittens from Folk Mittens - which is a great book! I never really realized how many patterns in that book I want to make until I pulled it out recently! I could totally fulfill my 11 in 2011 goal with just that book! I love these mittens because they're colorwork with worsted weight wool - i just think that makes for such a warm mitten! I finished mitten #1 and encountered a problem though - it has a peasant thumb, which means you put in waste yarn then pick them up for the thumb later - really simple, but the problem is that the hand of my mitten just goes on forever - it's probably about 1.5 inches too low on my hand. like the thumb would be at my wrist if I put my fingers to the end of the glove. (can you see the little line of pink waste yarn? not really, huh?)

I think what I'm going to do is kitchner up the opening, matching the pattern as best I can,
then steeking for a thumb hole. i think i'll be able to get the mitten under my sewing maching - that's my plan anyway! i'm wimping out and starting the second mitten before I do that though! I'll keep you posted - and I'll be sure to take one of those horrifying "scissors on knit" pictures that always make me flinch!

I also finished my kaffe fassett sock yarn scarf! yippee! I love it! I used my nifty little fringe winder to do the fringe on the ends,

which I think looks better than wool getting all stuck on itself and not laying nicely!

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emilynye said...

can you steek from side to side??? not to mention, steeking won't leave you with loops. probably better to snip one strand and wind it out by hand picking up the loops from both sides.
I love the scarf!
oh, and in other news, I miss you.