Saturday, January 15, 2011

oh kaffe, what can't you do?

That Kaffe Fassett has color and knows how to use it! Little Knits had some of his sock yarn on sale (that Regia Landscape line that's self striping which I've bee coveting) for 1.99 so I couldn't pass it up and knew that I wanted to weave it! I love weaving self striping stuff where you use it as the warp and weft because it sort of makes a plaid on it's own and makes just plain old weaving, which is all I know how to do, and all I care to do, look really great with no effort at all. The box came today and I warped my loom right away. At first I thought the color repeats were going to be too short for them to do what I wanted, but man was I wrong. I'm loving this!

I got two different colorways and I'm definitely going to have 2 cool new scarves! I also splurged on this little (well, not really little - there's tons of yardage here) skein of silk and cashmere hand dyed laceweight.

It's fantastic and so saturated it's nearly impossible to photograph. The colorway is called plum jelly.

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