Saturday, May 26, 2012

I didn't even want one until you had one!

I, like everyone else, I'm sure, voted for my favorite design to be put on Ravelry's new project bag, but when it was announced, I was kind of like "hmm, i'm not sure I'd actually buy a muslin drawstring bag.  My friend Catherine and I were emailing back and forth about it and I realized that while I may not buy one of those, I could sure as hell use the excuse to buy some machine embroidery designs and make my own!!  I've been buying up a shit ton of designs because Urban Threads is having a huge sale for their 4th Birthday - woohoo!  Let me just stop for a minute and tell you that I can't say enough about Urban Threads - they have great designs for those of us who want to machine embroider but aren't into borders of country hearts or teddy bears, and their prices are unbelievable.  Other sites have way less detailed design for at least double the price.  I love that place!!  I'd even say that you should buy a machine JUST to buy designs from Urban Threads!  haha!  

Anyhoo, I started on this last night and finished it today.  It's going to be 90+ degrees all weekends, so i plan to not step outside for even a minute, and therefore won't feel guilty for sewing!  I think it's a great size, and it'll be super useful.  Even if it's not - it's pretty cool looking!

I had to chuckle a bit when I bought this pattern though, because honestly i barely feel like machine embroidery is very "handmade" - i just listen to my iPod and change thread colors whenever it's finished with a section.  In fact, I don't even have to sit in front of it - I let it go to town while I sit at ol' Alice and actually sew something!  it's a pretty sweet deal!  Oh, I did choose the colors, so i suppose there's a hair of creativity there.  i'm grasping at straws now.

Here's the little bit I'm actually proud of thinking of though:  i made a loosely filled sachet of lavender and sewed it to the bottom of the bag where it'd sit flat and repel moths and make my knitting smell lovely!  it's like a secret in the bottom of the bag!  Sometimes I'm a genius!

This will be my next bag - it says "Knit Fast Die Warm!"  haha!


Catherine said...

Love your new embroidery pattern; your bags look great - and yes, the lavender - genius!


Emily said...

I wonder if you could use coffee beans instead of lavender? I always loved the way my knitting would smell after a knit night.