Sunday, May 27, 2012

another bag and a new project to put in it

I just couldn't stop embroidering yesterday!  I finished this second project bag!  I realized after the fact that it was supposed to have 3 colors, but i think it looks good in a single color too (I'm probably only saying that because I screwed up!)  It says "knit fast Die warm!"  pretty funny. 

Because this one has a flat bottom, I did a lavender patch inside like this:

Then I did this one, but haven't made it into a bag yet.  See the little bandaid on his rump?  it's because he sheared himself to knit a sweater - pretty cute!

Oh, I also did a kitchen towel, but forgot to take a picture - it's got a Fiesta Cat on it!  it's a cat with a mexican hat and maracas - perfect for mexican night, or a breakfast ole' (not that I'm getting out a special towel to go with a meal, but still cute!)

Because I'm getting kind of sick of working on nothing but my chevron scarf with the wolle cotton, I decided to start on this summer tank.  I have some mill ends flax/linen blend in orange, tangerine, and yellow so I'll make it a striped, color block version.  I'm going to make it longer too - more of a tunic length, which i think will be more flattering with its flared shape - a short flared tank will look not great on me!  I've had this pattern in my queue for some time and the though of trying to find a 2008 issue of interweave on my bookshelf was kind of daunting - but believe it or not, I put my finger on one issue in the magazine organizer and it was THE ONE!  can you believe that?  never again will that happen.

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Emily said...

I'm coveting your emobroidery machine. I don't think it's cheating at all when you take these awesome designs and make something with them. Love it.

(I'm taking Emmett's nap time to go back and comment on your posts because I always want to but am on the iTouch and can't really so be prepared for a deluge!)