Friday, May 4, 2012

too much, again

Much like my past overzealousness when it came to colorful snaps and gingham buttons, I recently purchased something like a half a kilo of lavender!  

Who needs that much lavender?  well, I do - I'll get to that in a minute.  I also bought that much because I'm frugal and it was way cheaper to buy it bulk than to get it by the ounce somewhere.  I did talk myself out of the 2lb bag, because at some point the per unit price starts being a ridiculous measure.  seriously - i don't need 2 lbs of lavender.  that would be crazy.  

Here's another thing that's crazy - the fact that those folks at Purl Soho can make me obsessed with something like sachets!  It was this recent post - and of course it's because they have a way of photographing things and arranging colors that totally overtakes me!  it could be a stack of unwashed socks and they could convince me that i absolutely needed to make that project!  They nearly had me convinced that I needed that roll of vintage chintz prints, but at $75, i could pretty easily say no way.  Besides I have tons of great cottons.  So i made these:

I'm sure I have places for 20 sachets!  I'm sure you do too, if you think about it - chest of drawers, closets, yarn bins, winter hat/glove drawers - everywhere!  Now I just need to do some stuffing of sachets and hand sewing them closed!  By the way - the lavender smells amazing!  even inside the ziplock bag AND the bag it was packed in for shipping, it made the whole dining room smell like lavender!  I got it from Lavenderluxeries on ebay - she was great!

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