Monday, August 13, 2012

Olga the gimpy bear

I finally stitched up the Huggable Bear last night.  I'm pretty sure I previously mentioned how frustrated I was with running out of yarn once, buying more, then running out before the last leg was finished.  I thought her short leg could sort of be disguised in some way during construction, but apparently I didn't try hard enough!  it's pretty obvious!

However, I still think she's quite cute, gimpy or not!  And she's very huggable!  I tried to not stuff her too much so she'd be squishy.  I decided to name her Olga after a girl on an episode of Little House on the Prairie who also had a short leg and wasn't able to play with the other kids until Michael Landon made her a built up shoe.  So touching!  Right now I have the bow horribly straight pinned into her head - i just needed something to make her look girly.  I'm thinking maybe she needs a scarf or something too.  who knows.  maybe the bow is enough.  

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