Sunday, August 12, 2012

the results show

I had a great day with my mom yesterday - antiquing and flea marketing for her birthday.  Somehow she bought nothing, but did have a great time!  She LOVED her hot pads (and of course could not be talked into actually using them - she'll display them and never let a pan bottom touch them!) She also loved the Rahn's bagels - she bought us a little chunk of aged white cheddar from an amish shop and we at that and a bagel for lunch.  We shopped the outside vendors at Caesar's Creek flea market.  meh. a little junky.  However, I did score some vintage cookbooks (the little paperback kind that I love) for 50 cents each, and this amazing Pyrex casserole in a color and pattern that I don't have yet!  I only paid $4!!  the vendor had it marked $5.50 and my mom asked if she'd take $4 - it wasn't even the price that was making me hem and haw - it was the fact that I have so many casserole dishes already!  but $4 is amazing!   

Then we shopped some place across the street that had several outbuildings and signs that said "flea market" but it was kind of the equivalent of shopping in somebody's garage.  nothing good there.  So we went into Waynesville.  That little lady has some real stamina, let me tell you!!  We met at 10am and I didn't get home until a little after 6pm!  In Waynesville I picked up another little cookbook, a delicious cup of lemonade from the Hammel House, and a set of 5 of these glasses!  Glasses tend to be slippery little fish when they're wet and soapy and we break a fair amount of them, so when I see fun ones like these and the price is right, I pick them up!

And finally, on a different note, but also under the "results" category, the english muffins!  They came out looking just like english muffins should!  however, the insides aren't filled with nooks and crannies - just bread.  "a fine crumb" as the bakers would call it - however, they're delicious and are still great toasted and spread with butter or jam for breakfast!  I'd have cut one open to take a picture, but I already had breakfast and didn't time it well!  I still highly recommend the recipe - it was probably something I did - maybe I should try a longer third rise to really build up some bubbles next time.

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Carrie B. said...

Love that pyrex!!!!!