Friday, August 10, 2012

vacation from worky

(whenever I think the words "vacation day from work" i immediately have the song that Homer sang to Marge when he got sent on a business trip for the nuclear plant "oh Margie, you came and you brought me a turkey, on my vacation from worky!"  I know you don't care - I just didn't want you to think I made a typo in the post title!)

I took a vacation day today.  Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and we're going to the Ceasar's creek flea market because neither of us have been there, and it's where she wanted to go.  We might also go into Waynesville - expecially if the flea market turns out to be a dud.  Even if we spend hours there, she'll probably still want to do more - she's got a lot of stamina!

Anyway, I've been struggling to figure out what to get her for her birthday - unfortunately I didn't realize how close her birthday was until it was really close!  i always like to make her something and July just went by so fast that it was August before I knew it and there just isn't much time to make anything.  I have no idea why I spent so much time and energy wracking my brain for what I could knit in a week - knitting anything would be the slowest way to make a gift!  I decided a hat would be do-able, but then I settled on a dk weight cabled number.  sheesh.  And to make matters worse, I got all the way through the ribbing and then struggled with the first couple rows of the cables, only to find out that I'd *#$*@d up the ribbing by not reading the pattern right!  My friend Carrie ripped the whole thing back (because she loves ripping out other people's stuff!) and I started over.  At some point, probably on Tuesday, I just said "to hell with this - it's not going to be finished by Friday night!" so I quit rushing and decided it'd be a great Christmas gift!

I did think of something quicker finally - some embroidered pot holders!  I haven't made anything for her with my embroidery machine yet, and it seemed fitting since it was a gift from her!  I got a pattern for some cute root vegetables and used some fabric that was left over from her kitchen valance for the borders.  I think she'll love 'em!

I'm betting she'll say "well why didn't it outline right?" but I'll have to explain that's how the design is supposed to be - sort of sketchy!

I went to the 2nd Street Market this morning to get her a dozen bagels from Rahn's Bread because she loves bagels!  then I found a Burro's Tail plant at the Wegerzyn booth and got her that too.  Unfortunately, while buying that I fell in love with this Philodendron and got it for myself.  I put it in a big pot in my sewing room.  Look at how the new growth is RED!  beautiful!

Also, on my vacation day, while I have time for things like letting bread rise three times, I'm making english muffins for the first time!  The recipe is from my new favorite food blog - Budget Bytes.  She has amazing stuff - check it out!  Let's hope these turn out nice and craggy with lots of nooks and crannies!

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Anonymous said...

I do love ripping, especially if it is not mine. At least it was only a little ribbing!