Saturday, September 8, 2012

lil' biggie

I'm entirely obsessed with this Gingermelon bear pattern.  I enlarged it a bit and made another today.  I can't stop!

Here they are for size comparison:

Making it this size took me about half the time it took for the little one!  the tiny one was all sewn by hand, but after it was enlarged I was able to sew the parts on the machine which saved time.  Of course there's still hand sewing involved, but knocking out most of it on the machine was great!

They're lil' pals!

The pattern has an adorable little dress too - I don't know why I haven't made one yet!  Naked bears are awfully cute, but with a little dress...over the top!


Catherine said...

...and why should you stop?!
They're the cutest bears EVAH!

Emily said...

So so cute! I things I might need to take a look at her shop again. They would be so cute in colors, too. A cute pink bear!