Saturday, September 1, 2012

that's my fun day

Instead of Sunday being my fun day (Sunday was set in stone as fun day by the Go Go's - that can't be argued) it was Saturday for me!  Not sure I did anything remotely responsible except for running to the grocery to get eggs, making breakfast, then making dinner.  The rest was me time - and I with that time, I made this little cutie!

She's from the Best Friends pattern by Ginger Melon except that I didn't use the felt hair because I was inspired by her Cotton Candy dolls with hair that was needle felted on.  I figured I could get one pattern and have several options.  I didn't stuff her head quite enough so i think the lower part of her face is oddly shaped, and I'm not in love with her dress (I think it's the contrasting thread that I chose - I though it'd be cute but I'm a little meh about it.  easy enough to redo though.) Other than that, i think she's a sweet sweet sweetie!  Her arms lay down nicely (they're standing out a bit because of the dress) and have movement due to the way they're attached - it's a really good and well written pattern.  I only stabbed myself with the felting needle once - boy, that's a brain jarring experience!   I love her curly little hair!

Then after dinner I started on this:

Looks like I'm making a Yeti, doesn't it?  It'll be an adorable little bear!  I splurged on two pattens because I just couldn't make up my mind.  cutting out fur is a tedious affair - you have to snip snip snip slowly and shallowly through the back so that you aren't cutting fur - just the backing fabric.  The pieces turn out very nice though - I've always been afraid of fur because of the mess, but this has the added benefit of not being messy.

The stitching is also tedious - you blanket stitch, then go back and back stitch it.  I can see how it's necessary to make it good and stable though.  Oh, it'll be so cute!  Just for the record, Emily, I blame you for all of this - you started it with the Pin of these little bears and got me started  obsessed!!

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Emily said...

Cute! So the hair is actually felted to her head? Your hand stitching looks great, too. Mine wouldn't even be close to that even!