Saturday, February 9, 2013

grandma wallpaper no more!

When we move in, it was a toss up as to whether the butterscotch plaid wallpaper in the kitchen, or the grandma pink flowered wallpaper in the bathroom, was worse.  Billy "accidentally" pulled off a chunk of the bathroom wallpaper the other day, so we decided that was the one to tackle first.  This picture really doesn't do its full ugliness justice.  it was bad!  the tiles are a peachy-pink and there's a little trim with a red color in the diamonds.  
Here's a better shot of the wallpaper in its full glory!

He spent two days scraping and peeling - he got it all amazingly clean!!  there are a couple places to spackle (there must have been a different medicine cabinet there at one point) but overall, it's great looking.

I brought home about 1000 paint chips from Lowe's and I'm going to get sample cans of the two reds on the right.  We decided the bathroom could handle a bright color and we wanted to pull in that trim color.  I think it'll look great!

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Carrie B. said...

I think red is a good choice! Happy painting!