Monday, February 18, 2013


From my back yard I can see horses!  i think the neighbors about 3 houses down have them.  I think it's cool.  I'm aware that it's not exactly "wildlife".  This pictures makes it seem like they're much closer than they are because I zoomed in. 

 This is more natural, but I can still see them when I look out the sliding glass doors to the porch!

An then another sight that we've been trying to wrap our arms around is the bathroom color.  We got sample sizes of the two reds we liked, but we're not sure we're crazy about either one.  It's hard to take pictures of colors, but the one on the left is certainly more of an orange-red - kind of like a maple, and the one on the right is more red-red, and strangely, they both look similar to the red in the little detail tile, but i'm just not sure they're right with the main tile color.  We may be back to the drawing board and not even stick with red.  who knows?  I just did the swatches this morning so we'll need to live with it a bit.

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fcarrie2 said...

I vote for the swatch on the left, the more orangey one. Are you painting the cabinets too?