Saturday, April 13, 2013

in the ground!

ok, i know everybody's sick of seeing pictures of twigs and grass, so i'll only bore you once more with this!  We got 2 more trees in the mail today - a tulip tree and a red maple that I ordered from the Arbor Day folks - these were bigger - like 3-4 ft tall - so we could plant them out where they'll live.  Unlike the bucket of twigs that I showed last time.  Billy planted those in the ground, near the house so we could baby them.

As you can see, they're barely even visible!  He also got the pink flowering dogwood planted near the house where we think i'll have the partial shade it enjoys.  It's so hard to know before the trees get their leaves - but there are several big maples around and I think they'll give a little shade.

Then he trekked out into the back 40 to put out the others.  There are a lot of big trees around the edges, but we want to take away some of the open grass field in the middle.  Somehow he's gone his whole life without planting a tree, so this was exciting for him!

This is the weeping willow.  It's pretty hard to photograph such things at dusk.  that was probably a bad idea.  I just wanted to get pictures on day one so that in 5 years we can marvel at how different they look!  This one is actually pretty tall already - probably 6 feet or a little more.  and it's a fast grower.  Yes, i know about the invasive roots - it's very far from anything!  it's ok!

This is the sunset maple.

This tiny little dude is a red maple with a tomato cage around it so it doesn't get mowed over!

This other tiny dude is the tulip tree - also with a protective anti-mow-over device on it!

So that's 5 trees planted today - and the 10 saplings that may be actual tree-sized trees on our deathbed! haha!  Still, it's cool to have them in the ground!

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