Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trees and stuff!

For my birthday we joined the Arbor Day foundation and got the 10 free autumn color tree package.  We knew they'd be tiny, but we wanted some trees.  They just came in the mail on Monday.   When 10 trees can fit in your mailbox, you know they're tiny!  they're soaking in a bucket until we figure out a temporary spot for them - you're supposed to put them in a location for a year or two to nurse them up to size before putting them out where they'll permanently go.

Because I had a coupon and a gift card, we went to Lowe's and got these three trees this afternoon - something in a more reasonable size, but still cheap!  There's a pink flowering dogwood, a weeping willow, and a red sunset maple!

I've noticed a bunch of forsythias blooming as I drive around - I always love when they're all yellow!  Then, as we were pulling in today, I said "Hey!  We have forsythias!" - three of them!  yay!!  i had no idea what they were when they were just bare twigs!  I kind of hate it when these are trimmed down so much - i'll let them go!

And I know - everyone's grass is greening up - but it's so pretty!  it was like overnight it went from brown to green!  so exciting!!

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