Thursday, January 22, 2015

flying geese finish!

I actually wrapped this quilt up last weekend but I thought maybe I'd get a day with some sun to photograph it.  No such luck - it's January in Ohio!  And when the sun did pop out, I totally forgot about this!  duh.  Anyway, here it is!  I really like it!

I know it's impossible to tell in this picture, but I think it's about 32"x32" - something like that!  not big, but probably good for a crib or a car seat.  

Here's a closeup of the binding:

The binding was scrap fabric I bought in a little grab bag of stuff at an antique mall I think.  I never want to use the good stuff...but especially for a baby quilt.  I mean you know it's going to get puked on!  But really, it's still to let it just sit in the closet!  I should just put it to use!

I didn't do a lot of quilting - just straight lines on either side of the seams - I think the orange thread kind of mimics jeans, so it works with the denim, and also orange and blue just look great together!

The background is some fabric I bought online and thought I'd use it for a dress, but the scale of the print turned out to be bigger than I expected and I wasn't so sure it'd be a great dress!  that's what you get when you buy online - but it's not like it goes bad - it got a new life as a quilt back!

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