Saturday, January 31, 2015

I dare you

I dare you to have a better birthday than I've just had!  I don't think it can be done!  It's mostly when you're a kid that you really expect to do exciting stuff and have your every whim indulged on your birthday - but I got it this weekend!  I took my birthday off work (it was Friday - so why not?) and I told the fella that what I really wanted was to wake up, and read in bed for as long as I wanted to!  then I asked for scrambled eggs and toast - which he took a step further and made FOR me, AND served it on a tray (which he had to go out shopping for the previous day!) in bed - along with a little paper flower that he made and stuck in a vase!  Then I wanted to go to Jungle Jim's!  Some people might kind of think that's like grocery shopping on your birthday, but Jungle Jim's is not grocery shopping in my book!  We had a great time and got some fantastic stuff!  We got four different cheeses and two kinds of hearty rye breads and decided we'd have a tray of that for dinner!  So he made a fire in the basement fireplace, we cozied up on the couch and gorged on cheese, bread, and pears,

And drank wine - this one was a delicious Riesling which just happened to come in a bottle shaped like a cat! (who am I kidding - we bought it because of the bottle, but the wine was great too!)

Then today we went to the Taqueria Mixteca downtown and pigged out on mexican food - he tried tongue tacos for the first time, and I had a bite too (delicious!) I got a ceviche tostada because I've never had ceviche before (delicious) and we shared a bowl or posole (which i make about once a week) but this had pork in it - and it was, you guessed it, delicious!  We rolled ourselves out to the car and came home.  I meant to stop at the 2nd street market for a giant bag of popcorn, but totally forgot because of my excitement to get there!  oh well!  Other tidbits that made my birthday great: finding about 20 little ceramics and S&P's from Japan (my favorite - they don't look asian, they just have a "look") at the thrift store when I ran in to get a fireplace set for the basement on Thursday after work - it was like a birthday eve present, dancing while the fella played tunes on the electronic organ/keyboard, and finding a Florida avocado at Jungle Jim's - which I've seen, but not at stores around here!  I can't wait to try it.  Yeah, try to top all that!!!  :)

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