Friday, January 9, 2015

flying geese for a fat baby

My sister-in-law just had a new baby boy on Christmas Eve.  That's baby #7 for her and my brother.  Yeah, 7.  Oy vey!  whatever.  Anyway, he's a fat little boy, which is exactly how babies ought to be, and I like to call him Fat Bruce.  I'm making lil' Bruce a quilt.  I keep seeing cool denim quilts on Pinterest - using different shades of denim almost as different colors.  I have a bunch of old jeans that don't fit anymore, so I started cutting them up for a flying geese quilt.  I'm pairing the denim with some aqua Kona cotton, and I think I'm going to throw in one or two red or orange triangles for a spot of color.

I think I'll do the quilting in red and orange thread - probably along the long sides of the triangles simply because those are the only lines that I can guarantee will be straight!  Haha!  I originally planned to run a line of quilting up the middle of each triangle - from base to point, but who am I kidding?  those points are never going to line up!  Why make that even more obvious with quilting that highlights it?  nope.  I'm really loving it so far!  

So here's my new year's blog quandary:  I keep telling myself to blog more, because I like doing it.  However, I don't really feel like anyone is reading it.  Then I ask myself if it matters, and I guess if I didn't care if anyone read it, I'd just make a diary and not post it.  In a way this is almost an electronic diary for myself I guess - I use it to look back at dates when things happened or to compare one year to the next.  Still, I guess I'd like someone to enjoy it besides me.  So that made me ask myself why people wouldn't read it - and I can only answer that by thinking about why I read the blogs I do.  I think my blog has too many topics - I really only read about such varied topics if I personally know the writer and want to keep up with their life, or if they're miraculously into everything I'm into!  Otherwise, I like a blog based on pretty much one subject.  I also like blogs that inspire me with cool projects, or teach me how to do things I haven't done.   I'm not sure I'm really hitting any of those marks!  I'm wondering if I ought to divide up topics.  Will I write more if I have one blog for sewing/knitting/crafting, one for cooking, one for gardening, and one for what will undoubtedly become my new obsession in the spring - chickens?  I'm sure there are people who are already like "I don't care a fig about your walnuts or your chickens!"  but maybe they like reading about sewing.  Would I write less if I do this.  I just don't know.  Any thoughts?  

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