Sunday, March 9, 2008

So sick of winter

Yeah, so I guess everybody's sick of winter and it could probably be worse - if I lived, for example, in Vermont or something, but I'm gonna whine anyway.  I'm really sick of it.  We got about a foot of snow over the weekend and I've made the executive decision that this really ought to be the last snow of the season - I'm just not sure who I need to tell to get that decision implemented.  For some reason this feels like the longest winter of my life, although realistically it hasn't been all that bad weather-wise.  The yuck-o weather just seems to be making me crabby and irritable and mean.  Even if I didn't have any outdoor plans, the sheer fact that I can't is annoying me!  I've got my seedlings for the garden started in the basement and at least that usually makes me feel like spring has to be coming.  My marigolds (which I used to hate with a passion - along with geraniums, but now have come to love) are ready to bloom under the flourescents and that pleases me - even if they are just in the messy back room next to the furnace!  I just want to plant them in the real live ground dammit!  Instead, I just keep taking vacation days from work because I don't feel like dealing with scraping my windshield.  That's pretty stupid, I guess.   I'll wish I had them back when spring does hit.  TBF didn't have to work on Saturday so we stayed home and I made cookies.  That was nice.  Oh, I guess I also have some sunnier news (not literally, see the crapo weather previously mentioned.)  I finally finished my Tree Jacket.  
Could I possibly look more rolly polly?  Believe it or not, I was sucking in as much as I possibly could in this picture.  This is definitely going to require some firming undergarments.  A better idea would be to stop eating cookies probably.  definitely.  I've also made some progress on my Bird in Hand mittens and I'm totally loving them now that I picked different colors.  
Certainly not a knit night project since I'd like to talk a bit instead of focus entirely on a chart.  However, to that end, I also started a pair of socks :)  I really wanted to make a pair of Hederas - because I love anything Cookie A. designs!  I started that pattern in this Socks that Rock colorway just because I totally wanted to make something out of it ASAP, but decided that I didn't like all the color changes with the pattern.  When I got this sock yarn I intended to make Jaywalkers with it because I just don't really like multicolor yarn in pretty much any other pattern.  But I just made Jaywalkers and didn't really want to start another pair.  Alas, I had to, but only ripped back to the ribbed part because it looked so great (Cookie A. seems to do the 1x1 twisted rib alot and it looks amazing - plus the ribbing on my last Jaywalkers was a little loosey goosey) and the zig zaggy pattern looks FANTASTIC with the colors! 
 I looooove them and I'm only a few inches in!  woohoo!  This is also a great excuse to buy some solid, or semi solid yarn for the Hederas.  Oh, and by the way, the STR is, hands down, the best sock yarn I've ever used.  Yeah, apparently when you pay $20 you get some good shit!  I'd like to think I could just get some $3 KnitPicks sock yarn and be as happy, but I can't! 

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Dharma said...

Evil woman stand back with that STR yarn and any other pricey fibery stuff! I will be perfectly happy with my Trekking XXL, well I will be whenever I finally cast on with the damn stuff.