Friday, March 28, 2008

old news

For some reason I've just had no time lately to post - not for any good or exciting or interesting reason. Just haven't. So I was all excited about a week ago that I finished mitten #1 :but I guess I got it mostly out of my system since I showed it off last Tuesday at knit night. For a while I was all like "hey, you wanna look at my mitten again?" but now I'm just thinking that I'd damn well better cast on for #2 becaus my Selbuvotter book is due in the mail any time now and that'll surely throw everything all off! Not that I'm not excited about these mittens anymore - I love love love them! The pattern is great - it was my first time following a colorwork chart and I had fun the whole time. Oh, and check the little bird on the thumb!

Ooh, the other cool thing is that I'm in a swap for the first time - it's rather exciting! I joined the Tawashi Town group on Ravelry because of my love of cute Japanese stuff (tawashi are little kitchen scrubbies) and a swap was being set up so I jumped in... then later thought about the fact that I'd never made a tawashi before. please tho - it's just crocheted scrubbies! I've done amigurumi so it's certainly no worse than that! I started one (can't show it yet, in case my swap partner snoops!) and actually followed the pattern (which I have a hard time doing with crochet) AND i learned how to do a double crochet and a half double crochet! The pattern I was using was in Japanese, but it was charted so it's pretty universal - as long as you've got several other books fanned out around you, as I did, to look up the symbols, then figure out how the hell to do THAT! I swear every knitting book seems to take up half the space showing the basics of knitting and it irritates me because I want less reference and more projects - but in the few crochet books I have I couldn't find anything BUT projects! gaa! Finally I did find a little reference section in the back of Crochet Me and I was back in business. It's super cute - I'll just say that! I'll post a picture next week after I ship it out -- oh, and my swap partner is in London, so I'll get to feel all international and cool at the post office (because I'm sure they're impressed by people who ship things to Europe, right?). Perhaps I should get some of those big celebrity sunglasses for the occasion.

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Dharma said...

There is just no pleasing you is there young lady!

And yes the mitten is awesome. Now finish the second one.