Saturday, March 15, 2008

why it needs to warm up

...and fast!  Because this is what I have just waiting for the temps to rise just a bit:  Those are marigolds that I started from seeds in my basement and they're BLOOMING!  granted, that most certainly means that I started them too soon - my fault, not the season's.  However, they're just begging to get outside!  The only problem with spring is that my winter wimpy body is not nearly as revving to go as my mind is - I'll take a whole day off work and think I'll work in the yard, but it doesn't take me long to poop out!  

We turned off the heat and opened up windows for a day or two this week - it was spectacular!  However today I had to break down and turn it back on - it was 59 F in the house!  even my scarf, wool sweater, and legwarmers weren't enough - plus, it certainly wasn't going to warm up any more overnight!  ah well.  soon enough i suppose.  

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Dharma said...

Have you planted them yet? I know today is lousy but it's been warm enough,no?