Saturday, August 30, 2008

Add it to the stash!

So my knitting friends know that I have a problem with accidentally buying yarn - even unprovoked, without enablers around, it just happens sometimes.   You know how you kind of enter some trance-like state, eyes rolled back, and you just keep clicking on "add to cart"?  yeah, I'm sure everyone does it, right?  That's my story for why this keeps happening anyway - in reality, I know exactly what I'm doing but I fight with my inner voice the same way I do when it tells me to put down the ice cream - I tell it to kiss my ass.  So the box was on the porch when I got home Friday - those Webs folks are mighty fast with the shipping!  See, I HAD to make a purchase because I didn't have enough of the contrast color I was using for my Eleanor test knit, and because Webs has that 20% discount off $60 orders, it only made sense to see if I needed anything else that might bump me up to that amount!  Check my math:  If I only ordered the two skeins of Cascade 220 that I needed, I'd have paid $14, but if I also ordered enough Northampton for the February Lady Sweater that I totally intend to make (this stuff is an incredible value, btw - 247 yards for $4.99 and I've heard some reviews that people like it better than Wool of the Andes), a Cookie A. sock pattern that I probably need because I love her, a skein of Pastaza just to round out my collection of yarns that, even if never knit, are like having little fluffy pets that require no care, and two balls of sock yarn that clearly have a purpose (don't you love that about sock yarn - there's so little guilt because they clearly have a definite thing they'll become!), then I'd get a discount large enough to make the two skeins of Cascade 220 free!  I know, the math is a little sketchy - I took calculus, yet I can still talk myself into believing this works out, ok?  Just let me live with it! 

I was scrolling through my stash on Ravelry today and it kind of freaked me out - I mean I know there are tons of people with way more yarn than I have, but seeing the amount I have kind of made my chest tighten up!  I need to get more into the mindset of working from my stash instead of from my queue - or to have my stash and my queue line up a little more.  The problem is that the new patterns come out so fast and they're all so incredible anymore - and there are so many sources!  It's not just a couple magazines a month, it's all the new online mags that are popping up (have I mentioned how amazed I am with the Twist Collective? check it out if you haven't yet) and the books... ugh, am I the only one who's a little overwhelmed?  I mean that's why my queue is so long - there are so many things I don't want to forget about!  and I will forget them - every time some new batch of patterns comes out, I fall in love with them and forget how much I really loved the last batch, or how I had yarn that would be just perfect for something that came out last year.  I'm way too far ahead of myself.  Oh, and the Wool Gathering is coming up, so it'll only get worse before it gets better! 

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