Friday, August 1, 2008

Awash in bookery!

Whee!  I've kind of gotten knitting books galore lately!  First there was the IK hurt book sale, which is fantastic because their definition of "hurt" sure isn't my definition of hurt!  I'll hurt them more just carrying them up the stairs!  they're perfect - aaand like 60% off!  So, I got two books on folk mitten making since I'm kind of all about colorwork lately - Folk Mittens and Folk Knitting in Estonia (which has more than just mittens!) then I also had to pick up The Best of Interweave Knitting - not even so much for the patterns, but just because IK always has the best technique articles and tips and lots of those are in this book.  Then I remembered that I have these nifty points that build up on my credit card, which I can trade in for lots of stuff including Amazon gift certificates!  So I did just that and got myself the book I've been lusting after for some time now - Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns!  It's amazing.  I love it like crazy.  Oh, and I also got a subscription to Vogue Knitting and IK with the gift certificate because I used to have subscriptions then I let them run out even though I always bought every issue - I've decided now that stalking bookstores and waiting for the damn issue to finally get there just isn't as much of a character builder as I thought it was.  nuts to all that.  just send 'em to the house please.  thanks.  Theeen, the coupe de grace came when Dawn, who sometimes knits with us on Tuesdays, and is always super cool, let me borrow a bunch of old crafty magazines from the 60's that she picked up at "that giant craig's list sale" (believe me, if you live 'round here, you know what that was!)  - then said "why don't you just keep them - I need to declutter my craft room" and thank god I got that message via a Rav PM so she couldn't see me whooping and pumping my arms like some kind of pudgy pom pom-less cheerleader (that was after I got past the did-i-read-that-right?!? phase!)  These things tickle me like crazy!  Oh, to be able to buy the nutty kits that are offered in all the adverts!  This is one of my favorite ads though - not for the product, but for the message:  Can you read it?  not so much, huh?  It says "who's home crocheting?" under the top picture of the rocking chair, then under the turned around picture it says "Me!"  Doesn't that just show that hip folks have always knit/crocheted and have always been trying to get the word out that it isn't just a bunch of old ladies sitting around making doilies?  (although I bet sitting with a bunch of old ladies making doilies would be a hell of a good time!  old ladies just don't care what they say - they're like teenagers, but with some life behind what they spout out!)  So my knitting library is growing and my craft room getting more unkept, but whatta ya gonna do?  

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