Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time Warp on a Thursday evening

So I finally made it to Busy Beaver - the little house stuffed to the gills with crafting supplies.  I'd heard stories of this place, but I'd never managed to get there during business hours.  Plus, I was a little put off by some reviews I'd read about not so friendly owners.  But, I'm on a quest for 2 more skeins of Cascade 220 for my Eleanor and even though I knew they didn't have it, I went anyway (because sometimes the people who answer the phones at those places don't know what they're talking about - I mean the guy seemed to know yarn (he threw out names of other wools like Lopi and Reynolds) but he'd never heard of Cascade.  that ain't right.  I think he probably just knows yarn in the context of what they sell there.)  Anyway, it was slightly more organized than I expected, but still super super packed with stuff.  everywhere.  This is kind of what I fear my house might look like when I'm an old lady.  There was a young chic working the counter and she pretty much gave me a tour of the yarn section, which was in fact organized at least by fiber mainly, then proceeded to never leave me alone again.  From somewhere a similarly young fella appeared - apparently her boyfriend who also worked there.  He also had no intention of letting me shop in peace.  I mean they were nice enough, but whew - that place is kind of enough on its own!  He told me about his mom making quilts out of old denim jeans - and the machines she used to do it, and how she's recently started putting waistbands along the edge for binding.  She ranted forever about some lady who'd been there before and how she had made a mess of things (even though she told me that I could dig as much as I wanted - and believe me, there were boxes to dig in - they obviously had more than enough to fill the shelves!)  I think there might have been something weird about that girl because now that I think about it, she talked about the new Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn they got in, and I bought it. She pointed at some Karabella Aurora Bulky, and I bought it (two balls?  I barely remember what I was thinking.  It's only about 100 yards total - was I going to make a hat?  I honestly can't remember.  I just remember her pointing at it.) Notice the weird blue theme again?  I don't know what's up with that - she didn't force me to buy blue, but she obviously tranced me into buying whatever she nodded at!  

Then because Katherine recently went there and had to tell me about their precious little balls of angora, I had to hunt that down - they had some behind the counter (that's never good!) which was French and probably pretty old.  and beautiful.  also very expensive.  Then I found some in with the rest of the yarn - it's 70% angora, 10% wool, 20% polyamide - still very angora-ish and a very cute little pale yellow.  What I really need is an angora beret.  how cute would that be?  I kind of had my mind set on pink, because if you're going for a sweet beret, how much sweeter can you get than pink?  But this yellow is like the color of little ducks, so it's pretty damn cute too.  Then I started kind of pulling back and looking around - they had old stuff there!  It was like the place had never gotten any new stock since 1983 - except for yarn.  it was nuts!  a great nuts!  old 80's knitting pattern leaflets and books, old looking tubes of paint - it was like I entered a different world when I left the yarn aisles and I hadn't even seen it on the way there - there were those needlepoint pictures I love hanging all over the walls!  I wanted them all, but it's not like you could just point to them and say give me that kit - I think they'd been there forever!  BUT they did have tons of kits there!  and there was a room upstairs full of needlepoint kits!  and another room full of cross stitch kits!  mostly kind of weird 80's stuff and not as much 70's as I'd have liked, but still enough to keep me laughing!  I ended up getting these two kits because I love odd portraits and a needlepoint portrait is faaantastic!  The gentleman has a monocle and whenever I look at him he says "good day to you sir!" in my mind.   What a weird little place - I wouldn't ever go there for sweater quantities of anything (you wouldn't ever get enough of one color) but it's pretty fun!  

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Catherine said...

Isn't that place the craziest? I'm so glad you finally got there (especially since I now know there's an upstairs - doh!)
must. go. back.