Monday, August 18, 2008

This time I'm really going!

So I've finally shored up the Cedar Rapids trip - third time really is a charm apparently!  I'll be leaving tomorrow so I won't be at the Tuesday night knitting group  - somebody better drink a whiskey sour for me!  

Gaa - you know what I'm worried about?  Not having Ravelry for 5 days!  seriously.  how will I know what my friends are faving?  what new patterns are coming out? threads will be started, and commented upon, and I won't hear them!!  I'm really hoping there's one of those communal "business" computers somewhere there - do that have that kind of thing in places called The Sleep Lodge?  maybe this will be good for me.  but I don't think so.  


Ginny said...

I thought I would really miss having a computer on vacation, but I didn't. I did miss all my knitting friends. :)

Dharma said...

5 days is nothing! I went without Rav in the Sierra Nevadas for double that. And just now, I had access but no time or attention for 2 weeks! Amateur!