Saturday, January 31, 2009

Success - more or less!

Alright, so I think I've dyed my farm fresh egg yarn as best as I'm going to get it! 

 I think most of them turned out pretty well.  The darkest one gave me the most trouble because it was actually a bit of a yellow/orange-ish brown so I ended up using (brace yourself!) 3 bags of black indian tea, two bags of apple cinnamon herbal tea, some tumeric, and a bit of brown, yellow, and red Wilton gel icing coloring!  I have no idea what actually did the work and what was just there at the party, but it came out like this. 

 I like how it looks like the speckles are in the yarn, but unfortunately that's just bits of tea that escaped the bag and stuck to the yarn!  I think when it's dry they'll fall out.  Or rather, I hope they will!  One of the eggs had a bit of a pink tinge and it's not really showing well in the photo, but I used tea and a drop of red food coloring which sort of gave it pinkish tinges here and there, which I really like.  This one is the worst match of the bunch, but it was just straight tea, as best I can remember.  

Or maybe this was the coffee.  It's all a blur now!  The blue will be my main color to replicate the lovely background of the Styrofoam carton.  I think I might have to design my own pattern for either a hat or mittens to showcase these lovelies!  

On a more successful note - a knitting buddy, Ginny, left me a PM yesterday that she'd been to the Treasure Barn, a great antique mall at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, which is like 2 minutes from my house that I don't visit nearly often enough, and spotted a couple pieces of Pyrex, which she kindly even gave me rough coordinates to locate - something like, "in the back of the 1st floor, with lids, and another upstairs without."  It was 4:30 when I read it and they close at 5pm.  Still, I threw on my coat and ran out the door shouting "Pyrex spotting at the Treasure Barn - gotta go!"  Well let me tell you, there was more Pyrex there than I could handle!  It was everywhere and I tried to compose myself and be selective - there are some patterns I like much more than others and I tried to convince myself to be a little picky.  I was hoping they only took cash, because that would limit me to the small bit I had in my purse.  Unfortunately they were all modern and offered to take plastic.  Aaaand there was a leak in the roof, which the lady at the counter needed to do something about before leaving, so I got to shop longer while she worked (I think that just amounted to mopping up and finding something to catch the drips unfortunately.  Had she actually climbed on the roof to really "take care of it" I could have shopped much longer!  again, probably for the best since Ginny also told me there were a lot of old cookbooks and I never even had a chance to get to those.)  So here's my haul:

A 1.5 liter refrigerator dish! 

Two casseroles that were in a 1/2 price booth!  I did find these exact ones in another booth, with lids, but I really don't use lids that much when I bake casseroles so I decided I'd rather get the 1/2 price ones!  I'm not that kind of collector - I'm going to use the stuff!

A lovely 1.5 liter casserole - there are some super cupcake-cute pink and blue pyrex things that I just love!  I need more!

This, which turns out to be a hostess set - thanks to the foks at the Pyrex Love Flickr group!  I thought maybe it was a salad bowl set.  This is a color that I refer to as "happy yellow!" and I needed it!  The big bowl is really big and I think the yellow is even sunnier in real life!

That Treasure Barn is one dangerous place!  It's not incredibly expensive, and they have a bit of everything!  I walked around wanting everything - a little ceramic poodle, a lamp shaped like a mariachi guy, you get the idea! 

Oh, one more success, which I should probably mention since I did intend for this to be a world-famous knitting blog, didn't I?  Or rather, just a place where I could talk about knitting to someone other than the BF, who honestly tries his best, but can only muster so much interest!  (about as much as I can muster when he starts talking about T-85 tubes vs. KT88s in amps or something like that.)  You can't expect the one you love to be everything for you!  So, I choose to talk about things like how much I love these socks here on my blog.  And man, do I love these socks!  Whoa - I shouldn't get ahead of myself - I really mean "sock" - this is just the first one!  It fits like a dream - it's a 63 stitch sock, which is think is pretty typical of what I've done in the past, but there's no tightness at all, just perfectness!  Well, perfectness in the pattern, but not so much in my execution - this shot is unfortunate because it shows all my screwups!  The second shot is a bit too over exposed to show the mermaid tail-like lace pattern, but I'll assure you, it's great!  No SSS here - I'll be casting on #2 tonight because I certainly want two of these puppies!  



Anonymous said...

love, love, love!
the egg dyed yarns. what incredible fun. we got some eggs the other day that included blue and white ones too! i was also enamored.

and the yellow pyrex? to die for.

Dharma said...

Love your dyed yarn. The yellow hostess set totally rocks!

emilynye said...

dharma stole my words.

Ginny said...

You found even more Pyrex than I thought was there. Love that store.

The yarn looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

You rock with the yarn dyed to match the eggs. You rock with the sock. I lyrex your Pyrex (got a Dr. Seuss vibe going couldn't help myself)

catherine ;o)