Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's day to my mom!

My mom is, hands down, my biggest fan when it comes to stuff I make - she's always encouraging (she bought me my loom) and never criticizes or nitpicks (even though I always nitpick my own stuff and can't seem to keep my mouth shut about little flaws when I give her something.) My grandma was an amazing seamstress (she made Barbie clothing with finished seams and smocking and hand sewn hems - I can barely get myself to zig zag the raw edges on the inside of a person-sized skirt!) and my mom always says "oh, you're just like your grandma!" - and my mom doesn't just say crap to make you feel good, if she says it, she means it, even though I think it's a ridiculous comparison! Even though I've never seen my mom sew without cussing and getting mad about something not working right, she taught me a lot about sewing and always let me make mistakes when I was learning - then taught me the valuable lesson of seam ripping! My grandma always wanted to do the difficult stuff when we make things together, so that I didn't screw it up, and I guess I learned something from both sides. I'm eternally grateful to my mom for everything she's ever taught me and everything she's ever done for me!

I decided to make her a set of placemats for mother's day. In my mind, a "set" meant 4, but then later I wondered what exactly she'd do with 4 placemats since the people at her table are either her and my dad, or the whole giant family! I changed my definition of "set" to 2 and it's a good thing because I just got them finished! It's also a very good thing I'm going to visit her tomorrow instead of today (initially she asked if I could come Saturday then changed her mind - whew!) I think they turned out great - even if the color scheme is totally not "me". I think she'll love them. I even made the binding myself!



emilynye said...

I think they turned out fabulous!!!

Catherine said...

They are beautiful Chris! I'm sure she loved 'em (and of course two is a set!)