Saturday, May 29, 2010

plaid wool scarf!

A plaid wool scarf is just the thing for the weather we've been having lately - 85F and kind of sticky! But really, how many things that you make in the summer are actually for wearing in the summer - sometimes I think that's the best time for getting a jump on winter woolies. I'm not sure that's why I decided to set up my loom and make a plaid scarf, or if it just sounded like a fun thing to do - probably the latter! Now that I've made it I've decided that everyone in my family probably needs a plaid scarf for christmas this year! we'll see how that goes!

I did learn that you should not use mixed fibers for the warp (those are the bits that run lengthwise.) I used some cotton and some wool and duh, cotton doesn't stretch so the edges, where the cotton is, are tighter than the center which makes the whole scarf kind of bubbly in the middle, but when it's on it's not so noticeable. lesson learned.

Oh man, I've been making some adorable baby stuff because there seems to be babies everywhere lately (my newest nephew was just born yesterday!) but I'll just have to show them after gift giving time is over!


Emily said...

That totally looks store bought - and I mean that as a compliment! very impressive!

hannah said...

I love the colors! And I'm envious of your loom. What kind is it?

Ginny said...