Saturday, May 8, 2010

Knitting. Yes, I still do it.

"A mostly knitting blog" my ass, huh? I don't think I've blogged about knitting in forever!

Next weekend is the Upper Valley Fiber Festival!!! yippee! I would say I feel like I haven't bought any yarn in forever, except that I did just grab another skein of Wollemeise from someone who was destashing it! I couldn't help myself - I can't wait till it gets here! But seriously, I've been getting much more discriminating about the yarn I bring in - it's like it finally sunk in that I really have enough and that justifying something just because I could make a great hat or pair of mittens with is, and therefore wouldn't need a lot of it, just doesn't work on me anymore - I have lots of yarn already that will make great hats and mittens. I've fooled myself with that line one too many times! Anyway, I do plan to buy yarn at the UVFF because there are always so many local vendor and you just can't get that stuff anywhere else. I looked at my stash listing on Ravelry and did a search for "uvff" because I was trying to remember what I got last year - big surprise - I hadn't used any of it yet! I decided that I needed to feel like I'd used something before I go again and I've had my mind on both the shetland triangle and some hand dyed yellow sock yarn I got from a local vendor (Amazing Grace Farms) - perfect match! The yellow is a little semi solid which is perfect for this pattern. I'm kind of gaga over shawlettes lately. yeah, i'm aware that it's all bandwagon-y and I'm ok with that. So here's what I've got so far -

4 repeats, and I have to do 8 before the border. How do you give a percent complete number for a shawl? I mean I can hardly say I'm 50% finished just because of the number of repeats - I mean repeat 7 is way different than repeat 2 in terms of size! anyway, this is one of those patterns that you just don't ever want to end. I'm loving it. I can definitely see more of these in the future. Oh, I just finished another shawl! I started one before I left for Phoenix because I wanted something that I didn't have to think about too much - I just used a basic triangular shawl pattern then did some lattice sections whenever I felt like it. I totally ran out of yarn half way through the cast off row though! I found some other sock yarn that's close enough and I don't think anyone will know. I'm pretty much loving it. It's kind of impossible to see the great colors though with this lack-of-lighting picture

Oh, it's Rio de la Plata sock yarn, which I believe I also got some someone's destash and it's great stuff - despite the fact that it's variegated! So there! I'm knitting! (oh, there's also a green cotton cardigan that should totally be done right now, but I'm all caught up in that shetland triangle, so it isn't - I'll fill you in on that one later!)

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emilynye said...

I can't believe you actually got started on your shetland triangle!
as far as percentages go, I estimate the amount of yarn I've used vs. how much it will take, which is way more helpful on a sweater when you can count by the number of skeins, but you could weigh it.