Saturday, May 22, 2010

I heart aprons!

Today I made the apron from the fabric that Catherine gave me - it was surprisingly easy and sooooo cute!

I mean when in your adult life do you get to wear so many ruffles? never. add that to the "yeah for aprons!" list. Oh, and I totally have enough left over to make matching oven mitts! would a ruffle on the edge of those be too much? oooh, maybe a little one :)

Oh - I also finished the green cotton cardigan that should have been finished long ago!

I did sewn on button bands and added just one button to the top. It's just a simple top down raglan, but I love it and I know I'll totally wear it all the time!

It occurred to me that Father's Day is around the corner, so I started some socks for my Pop.

I'm using Knit Picks Stroll Sport and I cast on 54 stitches using size 3 needles and even though I'm doing a ribbed pattern (decorative rib, to be exact!) it seems a little big. I keep horrible notes on my Ravelry projects - and by "horrible notes" I really mean "no notes" - not a cast on number or anything! so every time I make him socks it's like starting from scratch! why do I do that? I have realized that his feet aren't much bigger than my own, and I tried on the leg bit that I have finished and I think it'll be ok. could probably be a bit smaller. I supposed starting over now would make the whole process quicker, but I don't want to second guess myself (and Charlene Schurch - I mean she does know socks!) All the other sport weight sock patterns that I referenced on Rav said to cast on way more stitches, so I think I'll just carry on!

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Catherine said...

I love the apron! And yes! add ruffles to the mitts (why not?!)