Friday, June 11, 2010

Best. Swap. Ever

Holy cow! I just realized that I forgot to blog about what might have been my cleverest move ever!

As you know, I have a thing for casserole dishes and also a thing for Wollmeise. I also kind of have a thing for frugality. Well, I ended up with this Longaberger casserole dish because a lady at work was having a catalog party and i sort of "owed" her for making a big purchase from me during a Pampered Chef party I had. I'm not big on baskets, and while their ceramic stuff is also not stuff I'd normally buy, I settled on a casserole dish that I figured I'd at least use. and it was yellow. unfortunately not really yellow enough for my taste. I think I used it once. I thought I'd try to sell it on Ebay just to get a bit of money back out of it and free up some space (granted, that space would probably be taken up by more casserole dishes!) Then I got a notion that maybe someone would want to swap some wollmeise for a Longaberge casserole dish! I posted the picture on the ISO/Destash board on Rav and got like 5 responses! woohoo! i kind of had my pick of the litter! Most of them just said "take a look at what I have and tell me what you like!" whaaat? so I settled on this one person who had Grasshupfer, which I love love love! she said sure! then asked if there was anything else I liked in her destash - I thought she was just sort of giving me the chance to buy a couple things since she was shipping the Wollmeise. Turns out she was just offering to send me more yarn! She was fantastic and I ended up with the Wollmeise, a skein of Baruffa cashwool laceweight, and two skeins of Malabrigo silky merino! oh man, what a good day!


Lori said...

That is too sweet! I am sooooo jealous. Hmmmm, wondering where those Longaberger Baskets of mine have gotten to....Hmmm, also just ditched some Vera Bradley at Goodwill. Hmmmm, what else would someone else think is cool?

emilynye said...

I'm so glad you got a better deal out of it than anticipated, since I know you were feeling a little bummed about it!