Friday, June 11, 2010

scarf socks and sun!

My first plaid scarf inspired me to plaid it up again - this time with colors that I thought might be good for one of the men on my Christmas list - like my dad, brother, or uncle. Even though I'm not totally into brown, I kind of love it and could totally keep it for myself! The brown, and red-brown are some alpaca that I bought bags of ages ago, and the off white is some wool.

I finally finished the socks for my dad for Father's day - I think he'll love 'em! The pattern is called Decorative Rib. and I think it is.

As much as I really didn't feel like starting on another pair of boring neutral men's socks, I have a terrible time thinking of gifts for my uncle, so I bit the bullet and started these for my uncle's birthday - believe me, if I'd have had any backup plan, I wouldn't have cast on! I "dressed them up" with a little pattern in some of the leftover grey from my dad's socks. I think I'll repeat it just before the cuff. Because they're plain stockinette, at least they're going pretty fast. I'm on the leg of sock #1. I'll see him for his birthday on the last sunday of the month, so I've got plenty of time!

I think all the sun and warm weather we've been having here has totally spurred my tomatoes on! Look at those! Do you see all the green tomatoes? whee! the warm weather has also spurred on the weeds, but has had an inverse effect on my desire to pull those weeds! oh well. we broke down and finally turned on the AC for this weekend's predicted 88 and humid weather. i think we made a good show and held out long enough!


hannah said...

Holy tomatoes, Batman - you're all set for summer now!

Ginny said...

I am, as usual, jealous of your beautiful garden.

Catherine said...

Love your new plaid scarf!
Ooh! Homegrown tomatos; yum!!!