Saturday, June 5, 2010


At the Upper Valley Fiber Festival a few weeks ago I won a free class with Paper Alice - a papermaking lady up in Tipp City! She was also doing a demo there at the show and I watched her make some really great paper. I'd never really thought that it was something I wanted to do because it sort of fell into that "papercrafting" category, which is synonymous with middle aged scrapbooking moms to me (nothing against any of you scrapbookers, and I can totally understand why people want to make snappy photoalbums, its just not my thing!) Anyway, her demo looked REALLY fun, and I thought, hmm, i think i could totally get into that! for cards, or gift tags, and whatnot! yes. So I planned to take a class, but her website only had classes listed though May (I'm sure she hasn't updated it yet) and I'm kind of not a class taking kind of person anyway. i mean I think it'd be fun to make paper with other people, but not really necessary for understanding how to do it. I knew if I went, I'd come home with some gear, so I looked online and ended up buying this. It's only 5.5x8.5, but that's a decent size. It came in the mail today so I made some paper! Because Blogger is being all weird with uploading pictures, I can't put captions to the pictures right now, so it's just a selection! For some, I tossed in rose petals, little white flowers from my bolted radishes, bits of Tansy, glitter - whatever I had! Everything I look at now is like something that might go into paper! what fun! I'm totally using some of this for the gift tag on my father's day socks! oh, which i'm getting close to finishing - sock #1: done, sock #2:leg, heel, gusset done, on the foot!

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Catherine said...

What fun - can't wait to see in person!